Most Expensive Funerals in the WorldFuneral Packages
Alexander the great image
1. Alexander the Great- $600 millionThis ancient Macedon king who presided over the largest empire in the world from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas enjoyed the most expensive funeral till date. He passed away in 323 BC and was placed in Gold Casket and transported in a gold carriage pulled by 60 horses.
Ronald reagen funeral image
2. Ronald Reagan- $400 millionHe was the President of US from 1980-1988 and he led an arms race against the Soviet Union reducing. He died in 2004 and was given expensive funeral costing $400 million.
 Kim jong il parade image
3. Kim Jong II- $40 millionThe supreme leader of North Korea from 1994-2011, was given the most expensive funeral. Government spent massive amounts changing the signs in the Towers of Eternal Life. Moreover, million dollars were also spent to bring in Russian embalmers and buy a special glass casket.
John f. kennedy gravesite image
4. John F. Kennedy- $15 millionOne of the beloved US Presidents, he was killed by an assassin in 1963, which shook the entire world. His burial plot in Arlington National Cemetery which costs $15 million was the expensive funeral.
Queen elizabeth ii coffin image
5. Queen Mother- $12.5 million
Pope john paul II funeral image
6. Pope John Paul II- $11.9 million
Princess diana funeral image
7. Princess Diana- $11.8 million
Sir winston churchill funeral image
8. Sir Winston Churchill - $4.2 million
Margaret thatcher funeral image
9. Margaret Thatcher- $1.8 million
Micheal jackon funeral image
10. Michael Jackson- $1 million
These funerals of high profile people cost millions of dollars to the authority. However, they deserve a royal and memorable goodbye. Source:
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