Regulations for Transparency in Funeral Costs.

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The new regulation, which supports the NSW Fair Trading Act 1987, will allow consumers to compare like-for-like services across the funeral industry.The regulation includes an expanded funeral goods and services information standard for easier price comparison for like products and services.A price list must disclose whether mortuary or crematorium services are managed by an external supplier, while clearer requirements will ensure people have access to clear and concise pricing information for all goods and services offered by every funeral director.This standard will take effect from February 2020.“Under the new regulations, when planning a funeral for a loved one, you can spend less time worrying about the fees and charges, and more time working with your chosen funeral director to create a service that allows family and friends to feel supported in their grief,” NSW Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson said.Read more about the funeral goods and services information standardRead the NSW Government’s life events guides to help you make the right decisions when someone dies.Source:
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