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For many families a funeral has become a celebration of life & the choices made at the time of arranging a funeral can help to truly celebrate the life of their loved one. Adding a personalised touch to the service has a much greater impact. This ability to personalise is reflected in the choices available when considering bespoke funeral keepsakes, mementos, a video tribute, music, portrait or a personalised coffin. We believe that a funeral service should be a celebration of life and that keepsakes created for funeral services should be beautiful tributes to the individuals whose lives are being celebrated.
Flower Arrangements
Funera is a trusted funeral home in Sydney with comprehensive services including burial, cremation, ash repatriation and personalisation. Our friendly and knowledgeable funeral directors and staff strive to provide custom funerals in Sydney to meet your budget and religious and cultural beliefs. Customised flower arrangements help families celebrate the life of their loved ones in a way that’s unique to them. You can call our offices and discuss your flower arrangement customisation needs. We will work with you to ensure that your preferences are available to you.
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At Funera, we can personalise funeral services to meet your preferences, budget, and religious and cultural beliefs. Specially designed made coffin wraps are one undertaking through which we provide the most comprehensive, yet affordable custom funeral services in Sydney. With a range of elegant styles & concepts to choose from we can personalise a coffin with your name and or photos. Themed to suit the personality of your loved one, our customised coffins add a creative touch to the funeral service.
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