Questions to Ask a Funeral Director About Their Cremation Process

Questions to Ask a Funeral Director About Their Cremation Process

The cremation process can seem mysterious or daunting for those who are arranging a funeral service. Funera, as one of the top funeral companies in Sydney providing affordable funerals and burial services, we want to ensure families understand each step of the cremation process and feel informed when making decisions about affordable cremation.

Here are some key questions to ask your funeral director at our funeral home about cremation and funeral planning:

1. What happens to the body before cremation?

The funeral home will collect the deceased from their place of death and transport them to our facilities. We prepare the body by removing pacemakers or other devices and placing them in a cremation container or casket selected by the family. This provides protection and dignity during cremation.

2. How does the cremation process work?

The cremation chamber uses intense heat between 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the body to bone fragments. This takes 1.5-3 hours depending on the deceased's body size. The cremated remains are then processed into fine particles and placed in an urn or other container.

3. Are the cremated remains only from my loved one?

Yes, the cremated remains you receive back are solely from your loved one. Some families worry about co-mingling, but we follow strict protocols to ensure each person's remains are kept separate throughout the process.

4. Can I see the cremation process?

Some funeral homes do allow witnessing, but our facilities do not. The cremation chambers are located offsite from our funeral home. However, we understand the desire for transparency and are happy to explain each step.

5. What should I do with the cremated remains?

This is a very personal decision. Most families choose to keep the urn at home, bury or scatter the remains in a meaningful place, or place them in a columbarium. We are happy to go over all the options like affordable cremation and funeral plans and help you decide what feels right.

6. How much will the cremation cost?

Our charges for cremation depend on the services selected, such as use of our facilities, staff services, urn selection, etc. We provide a full price list for cheap cremations and are transparent about all costs before moving forward.

Losing a loved one is difficult. We hope this overview helps you feel informed about cremation services and our processes as a leading funeral director in Sydney. Please let us know if you have any other questions as you make arrangements with us for direct cremations or other affordable funeral services.
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