Funerals Can Be Expensive. Here’s How You Can Plan Better.

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The first truth is that the price for funerals has been climbing for the last 10 years.1 Paying for a funeral or cremation stresses families.The second truth is that when families cannot afford a funeral, the number of unclaimed rise. During the last recession, more bodies went unclaimed.2 Because we don't know what the future will hold, we need to prepare the best we're able.The key is to lock in a discounted insured rate ahead of time. This will safeguard your family from pricing they cannot afford and save them money.The average cost of a funeral with cremation is $7,400. If you want a a burial with funeral service, headstone, and interment -- it's average is $19,000.3 Total "cost of dying" can really be higher depending on the professional fees to administer the estate.The bad news is that average funeral costs are climbing fast. In Sydney, burial plots prices doubled over the past 5 years.1 Of course, costs for cremations will likely climb with inflation and increased labor costs. By checking out rates, you could relieve your loved ones from financial stress. It protects them from funeral hikes at the most difficult time.Projections show average prices will continue to increase. Since we don't know when the next economic down turn will happen, this will guarantee a proper funeral. Your relatives will be safe from these huge expenses.Even if you have life insurance, you'll want funeral insurance. There are several reasons: Term life insurance expires. Second, funeral insurance doesn't have those same strict health requirements. And, most underestimate the amount of life insurance they need.Funeral insurance policies are cheap because they're easy to setup and straightforward. You're able to lock in the price that works for you. These cost about a few dollars a month, and cover $15,000 depending on the plan that you pick. Also, they don't expire in the short time-period of typical life insurance.The other option is to pick a prepaid funeral plan. The third truth is that these plans have ramifications. Although these funds are typically placed in a trust, what you purchased may not be available at the time of death. If you moved, your plan may no longer be valid. Prepaid funeral plans aren't regulated to the extent that funeral life insurance is. There's risk with a prepaid plan.Funeral insurance coverage is different. It is essentially a type of permanent life insurance. That means: Large financial institutions secure the coverage amount. And, the government enforces the payout. Additionally, often there's no required medical exam and coverage doesn't expire. Many of these policies come with automatic acceptance up until age 79 -- which you can pick instantly. A 30 day money back guarantee is also included.Source:
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