Ways to Honour Your Loved One's Life During the Funeral Service

Ways to Honour Your Loved One's Life During the Funeral Service

Losing someone you love is incredibly hard. During the funeral service, you want to find meaningful ways to pay tribute to their life. At Funera.Afterlife, we are here to help guide you.

Consider incorporating one or more of these touching elements to honour your loved one:

Display Favourite Possessions
- Set out cherished items that represented their hobbies, interests or personality. Photographs, sports memorabilia, art pieces, etc.

Play Their Music
- Make a playlist of their favourite songs or genres of music to play before, during or after the service. This creates a personal ambience.

Share Stories
- During the eulogy or an open mic segment, invite friends and family to share anecdotes that exemplify who your loved one was. Laughter through tears.

Show a Photo Montage
- Compile meaningful photos from throughout their life set to music in a video montage. This memorialises their journey.

Read Treasured Quotes
- Select inspirational or poetic quotes your loved one appreciated and incorporate them into the programme or remarks.

Highlight Accomplishments
- Note professional, creative, athletic, or personal achievements that made them proud and defined their legacy.

Serve Favourite Foods
- At the reception, offer appetisers, dishes or desserts that held meaning for your loved one to enjoy in their honour.

Release Doves
- Set doves free at the gravesite or cremation service as a symbolic sendoff. Other options include butterflies, balloons or lanterns.

Plant a Tree
- Have guests spread ashes or plant a tree at the burial service to represent the circle of life.

There are so many ways to pay meaningful tribute. Please reach out to our caring funeral directors at Funera, one of the top funeral companies in Sydney providing affordable funerals and burial services, if you need any guidance.
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